The Heterotopic he-tə-rə-ˈtä-pik

Learning, reading and writing. Questioning the self and how to translate.
To try to understand the self we try to be the most honest version of oneself, or to become close to that version. Do not be scared of being any version of the truth nor to being a version. Being does not come with given guidelines, usually. But who you are/think you are and what you portray/how you portray will be forever evolving. To understand the now we must understand the past to understand the past we must understand the now. That also applies to you. This text is a translation of thought turned into a translation of language and a translation of understanding. Passing along, no matter how hard I try/you try/we try, only through conversation can text be an element to understanding. Conversation in any form. Understanding in any form. Changing, evolving, all by the exchanging flow of thoughts coming up in the moment or having been deeply engraved inside of us. My part will continue to change/evolve, the rest I leave to anyone there. So please do not be shy and definitely do not trust anything I say as a the truth. copy.jpg Marquee.jpg